Dr. Mario is a minor reoccurring character in the Baku series. He was deceased for a few seconds when he was yeeted by Baku in Egg Foo Young. But he came back by a 1-UP mushroom. He returned in the SPOOKY PIZZA episode, where he expelled Baku from the eponymous restaurant alongside Obito again by repeating that Baku's not getting any food. In Bone-In Pizza, he is represented by Super Smash Bros. Brawl digibash (instead of his render from Super Smash Bros 4, for some reason) while in the other two episodes he uses his updated Ultimate look.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Dr. Mario is a very irritable man, quickly getting upset at Baku for messing with the food service. He regularly insults and harasses Baku, to point where he starts bullshitting with him as well. For instance, in the episode SPOOKY PIZZA, Dr. Mario serves Baku a 'ghost' pizza as a special treat.

Dr. Mario also has a very strong and stereotypical Italian accent, often used for comedic effect, or to make the current situation even more bizarre.

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