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Baku is the protagonist and MAIN character in Sethical's Youtube series, Baku. He made his debut in S1E1, Boneless Pizza, with Schnitzel. He has appeared in every episode of the main series since then. Baku is one of the strongest characters in the series, being put in A tier by Sethical himself.[1]


Baku's character can be described as laid back and bored as shown in most episodes of the series, which fuels his urge to instigate problems with other characters (mainly in food services since the first episode of the series.) There have been many a time in the series that he's made prank phone calls to restaurants (and even visited them personally) to make unusual orders for the purposes of annoying the person being called (boneless pizza in the first episode, ordering food without meat, cheese, nor vegetables leaving just the bread, and so forth.)

As shown in season 1 episode 5, he might feel uneasy when his prank calls are taken seriously by the person he has called due in part to a lack of instigation taking place.

His relaxed demeanor comes with a darker side; his patience can quickly be diminished. This is shown in situations where other characters call him that shouldn't even know his phone number, one prominent example being Lil' Broomstick, whom like other strangers that called him, pretends to have known him for a long time and acts like they're friends.

His anger and impatience is often highlighted by his tendency to yell so loud that it can be deafening to those in earshot. Nonetheless, he shares this tendency with other characters who in turn become very impatient with Baku's prank calls.

As shown in the first season, Baku's patience can also be worn down by calls from debt collectors at banks and has actually admitted to committing tax evasion in later episodes of the series. This tax evasion is implied to come from his own sense of justice that involves spending his money however he pleases and not use to pay taxes. In season one, episode four, it's through dialogue that reveals that this episode wasn't the first time he's had a debt collector get in contact with him.

As established in the first season, Baku's interest lies in getting the latest cell phone and collecting shoes. His interests go so far as to urge him to call a shoe store in the finale of season one; after "persuading" a member of staff to look for a certain pair of shoes, he actually happens to find the pair Baku was looking for to the latter's surprise and satisfaction.

In season two, it's revealed that Baku's been working in the food service industry and decides to quit after dealing with an unruly customer and has said that he's hated his job before his encounter with said customer. It can be said that his prank calls to restaurants could be his way of taking out his anger on the food service industry itself since he always called them out for "not being shit."

Baku can also be shown to be somewhat selfish as demonstrated in season two episode six. In this episode he gets a new XBOX; however, the username he wants had been taken and used by another player for seventeen years. Instead of choosing a new username, he goes to considerable lengths for the username he wants; by the end, he gets the username to the potential confusion to the user who's always had it.

Baku was temporarily imprisoned, but sent out early months later because of coronavirus.

Yeeted Victims (even formerly):

Grim (In the form of FOH B.)

Police officers (Came back through their special glasses, which allows them to see in 3 dimensions)

Roger (brought back by Obito in "Supreme Court")

K-pop stans

Swagkage (almost)

Dr.Mario (Can survive due to extra lives)



  • Baku is the only character to have shown up in every episode of the series
  • In the middle of season four, he's revealed to have an ability that goes hand-in-hand with his ability to scream deafeningly at other characters, known as the "Yeet" ability. This ability allows for him to get out of sticky situations by transporting characters to the third dimension; however, this isn't foolproof.
  • Despite his tastes in good rapping, he couldn't rap well himself when he first started out. This would end up with him getting charges pressed against him, as trash lyrics are a crime in the state of Illinois.
  • It's unknown why he hates the food service industry outside of hating his job and lashing out at other food service employees through his prank calls.
  • It's unknown why he loves to instigate.
  • According to Sethical himself, Baku is one of the strongest in the series tier-list in A class. As he is able to make people disappear or freeze by yelling “YEET”, as shown in “Ain’t Playin Games” and “No License“. The only being capable of surviving Baku's YEET is Dr Mario, due to his extra lives.
  • In the Tier List 2.0 video, Sethical explained that Obito is the counter to Baku, being able to reverse YEET's effects by using Kamui to teleport a YEETed person back to their normal dimension
  • Baku's only weakness is the "Subjugation" ability, when used on by cops he freezes & loses his color.
  • In season 5 episode 2, Supreme Court, Sethical reveals lore regarding Baku. It is revealed that Baku‘s power source are his shoes, hence when they got taken away, he could not yeet Swagkage.
  • While Baku’s yeet ability is instant, his other ability, FOH B, is weaker and has a charge up before it can be used. The only known victim of this is Grim in season 2, although he attempted to use this ability on K-pop stans, but failed
  • He apparently only wears Yeezy clothing, including his jacket (from Yeezy Season 2 Spring 2016) and his shoes (Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black).
  • Despite being the one to use this ability, Baku does not know what actually happens when he yeets somebody, so more often than not he assumes the person was killed. Thus, whenever he sees the person he yeeted, he is often shocked to find that that person is alive, such as the Police officers or Roger.
  • Another example is that he doesn’t even know how his ability works. He himself along with the others in “Supreme Court” are surprised to find out that he doesn’t flat out kill his victims, but rather sends them to another dimension by yeeting them backwards.
  • Baku has been shown to possess a Persona, or a manifestation of his personality with the appearance of Kanye West. He gained this ability in Season 5, episode 1, as he was in an unfavorable position.
  • Baku hates bitches